Hale [hāl]

adj. - free from defect, disease, or infirmity; retaining exceptional health and vigor
verb - to compel to go

Haled was born from an all-too-common barrier.

Traditional healthcare was complicated and time-consuming, and digital health trends were compromising reliability for rapid results. Data showed consumers closing the door on in-office medical testing without an equally reliable space to enter.

In an age of comfort-driven home delivery, doctors’ offices and medical labs naturally began to feel distant and sterile. Digital convenience made Uber, Grubhub and Instacart household staples, yet left medical-grade health testing to wane under fluorescent lighting. With the lack of modern healthcare options, consumers were not compelled to take control of their health, but Haled had a solution.

In “The City of Fountains”

What if, when watered down to current needs and solutions, healthcare could also engage digital accessibility and emerge as a flowing rhythm of appointments, check-ins and results? So, Haled set out to drain the stagnant water, find and remove the blockages, and activate a revolutionary system of cyclical, at-home healthcare which begins at your fingertips, travels to your home, processes at a certified medical lab, and returns to the palm of your hand in days, not weeks.

Haled is the groundbreaking outcome of technologically advanced medical labs finally meeting the comfort and convenience of your couch. Through Haled’s innovative mobile network, certified medical professionals fulfill the health testing you need in your home, on your schedule. Just order a test kit, book an appointment and find out how seamless healthcare can be.

From Kansas City to the coasts, simple, accurate health solutions are finally here. So dive headfirst into the Fountain of Youth, or just download our mobile app.

Kansas City

Get Haled, and get healthcare delivered.

Our mission:

At Haled, our mission is to provide a revolutionary blend of traditional healthcare and digital age convenience, delivered to your door. We believe having a mobile network of medical professionals at your fingertips is empowering, which is why we’re cultivating a system where in-home appointments are seamless and results are fast and reliable, so your health decisions are always in your hands.

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