How it works

Healthcare should be simple.
At Haled, we believe what should be, can be.

Between hidden fees, waiting rooms, and never-ending appointment loops, traditional healthcare has veered far from its original purpose: to improve individual wellness. So, Haled took the best intentions of our current system, stripped away the complexities, and reconstructed a smooth, three-step process that not only works, but also transforms expectations – because simple, reliable healthcare shouldn’t be the exception.

step one

Select your health test.

Choose from 18 (and counting) unique health tests that best meet your questions and needs. Don’t know where to start? The Complete General Health Test offers a comprehensive snapshot of where your health stands and what areas may require improvement.

step two

Schedule Your In-Home Blood Draw Appointment

Once your test is delivered, follow the instructions to register it on and schedule your 15-minute in-home appointment with one of our friendly, certified health professionals. You do not need to schedule an appointment for any of the exams labeled “self-administered” on our website.

step three

View Your Haled Test Results

Following your appointment, your test will be analyzed in one of our CLIA-accredited labs and within days you will receive private, digital results. You can then choose to schedule an appointment with a telehealth professional or share your results with a physician to discuss next steps.

Yes, it's really that simple. Our customers think so too.

Start Your 3-Step Health Journey Here.

  • Men's Health Test

    Men’s Health Test

  • Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test

    Indoor & Outdoor Allergy

  • Women's Health Test

    Women’s Health Test